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Why I'm running for the Hayward School Board

My son is a first grader at HUSD and over the last two years that he has been attending Burbank Elementary, I have been honored to serve as a Parent Ambassador for the school.

As a Parent Ambassador, I have been:

  • Participating in community conversations, both at the school and the district, about strengthening communications with families

  • Providing feedback on the district COVID safety protocols

  • Leading budget town hall meetings to build the families' knowledge of district finances

At present, there are no parents serving on the Hayward School Board. This is a gap. I am seeking to be elected to the Hayward School Board to be a voice representing the families of HUSD students.

I don’t bring special expertise in education -- and this makes me like the majority of the parents who send their children to Hayward schools. I am committed to our community, passionate about educational equity, and determined to work hard to ensure that students grow, learn, and thrive in Hayward Schools.

What I want for my son is what every parent wants for their child.

I would be honored to be your parent voice for public schools. Put me to work!

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